1. Construction of Guest House at Takila

As there are no hotels and guest houses in and around Takila, it has become very difficult for the Foundation to arrange accommodation for the guests. The guests had to be accommodated in the Dratshang/Shedra which is not convenient for both the guests and the monks. Therefore, the Foundation is planning to construct a guest house to accommodate at least 30 guests within the complex area.

  1. Reconstruction of Retreat Centre at Pelphu

As mentioned earlier, Khenpo Karop Rinpoche constructed and established Pelphu Retreat Centre in the early 1990s as his first project with only very basic house structures and amenities. The buildings have become old and monks attending retreats find it difficult to live and practice there. Therefore, Khenpo Karpo Rinpoche has asked the Foundation to plan, design and reconstruct the retreat complex for the monks with improved amenities to ease their difficulties of living and practicing there.

  1. Renovation of Bara Lhakhang

Bara Lhakhang located about 15 kilometers below the Guru Statue complex at Takila is an old temple donated by the local community to Khenpo Karpo Rinpoche which was renovated to refurbish the old and decaying parts with additional structures to convert it into a nunnery with improved facilities and amenities. However, because of the extreme hot and humid weather conditions at the place, the wood works of the buildings are already damaged, it requires major repair and renovation works. The Foundation will prepare the renovation plan and have the works completed within the next 18 months.