1. Construction of a full fledged tourist Guest House at Takila

With approval of the monastery, the Foundation has converted/reconstructed the six cottages below the monastery as guest houses to accommodate at least 24 tourists/guests within the complex area as there are no hotel or lodging facilities in the locality. However, due to small size of the rooms, the guest house could not be registered as a standard tourist lodge with the Tourism Council of Bhutan. Therefore, there is a need to build a proper tourist hotel within the monastery complex to facilitate visit and stay of VIPs as well as international guests.

  1. Laying of stone slabs in and around the Guru Statue, and renovation of Sengthri (Lion Throne) of the Guru Statue

Ven. late Khenpo Karop Rinpoche had desired that the courtyard around the Guru Statue should be reconstructed to lay stone slabs properly and also to build a good drainage system to drain of storm water and avoid pooling. Additionally, the tiles on the different levels of Sengthri (Lion Throne) needed to be replaced to correct the floor slope and solve problems related to water seepage into the structure.  The Foundation has started the work already and plan to complete it by end October 2019.

  1. Construction of 2 Butter Lamp Houses in front of the Guru Statue

As per the wishes of late Khenpo Karpo Rinpoche, the Foundation has started to construct 2 Butter Lamp Houses in front of t he Guru Statue (Right and Left side) to accommodate about 5000 butter lamp offerings (2500 in each house). The construction of these 2 butter lamp houses are scheduled to complete before the end of October 2019.