First Annual Takila Tshechu from 13-15 April 2019

The first Annual Takila Tsechu will be held from 13 – 15 April 2019 conducted by Ugyen Dongag Yoesel Chholing monastery at Takila in the Guru Rinpoche Statue complex. The Tsechu will be preceded by a week-long Vajrakilaya Sadhana performed by monks of Ugyen Dongag Yoesel Choling monastery presided over by Lama Namdol Rinpoche. Those willing to attend the Sadhana and Tsechu from outside Bhutan can contact Druk Odiyana Tours and Treks at for travel arrangements. Those willing to attend from within the country may contact the Manager (mobile#17885963) of Ugyen Gaki Pelzom Guest at Takila if needed to book rooms.

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