Construction of Ugyen Do-ngak Yoesel Chholing Monastery and Shedra

shedraTo help preserve and promote the teachings of the Buddha Shakyamuni and Guru Padmasambhava, Khenpo Karpo Rinpoche initiated the construction of Ugyen Do-ngak Yoesel Chholing Monastery and Shedra begin in 2013 was completed by 2015. The construction serves as both a Monks’ Residence as well as a Buddhist University (Shedra) with about 300 monks to learn Buddhist philosophy (Science of Mind) and to spread and exchange the wisdom of Buddha to all over the world after they received the full education from the monastery. The three storied building complex has 108 rooms including monks’ living rooms, library, lecture hall, classrooms, prayer hall, kitchen, dining hall, stores and bathrooms.

  1. Consecration ceremonies, 2015:
    1. By H.E. Dzongsar Jamyang Khense Rinpoche
    2. By H.E. late Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche
  2. Rinchen Terzoe Empowerment Ceremonies, 2016, by H.E. Dzonsar Jamyang Khentse Rinpoche
  3. Nyingma Moenlam Chenmo/Nyingma Annual Prayers, 2016 – The Ngajur Moenlam Chhenmo was performed by the Nyingma monks and nuns led by the renowned Rinpoches. The Nyingma Foundation ( along other monasteries coordinated the organization of this annual prayers for a week beginning from 20 November 2016 coinciding with descending day of Lord Buddha.



  1. Final consecration ceremony by His Holiness The Je Khenpo,

The final phase of consecration ceremony of the statue complex along with Dratshang and Shedra will be conducted in November 2016 coinciding with the descending day of Lord Buddha by His Holiness, the Je Khenpo, head abbot of Central Monastic Body of the country. The Foundation expects to have the statue complex, Dratshang and Shedra officially inaugurated and opened during the consecration ceremony. All sponsors from within and outside of the country will be invited to attend the consecration ceremony.

  1. Construction of Guest House at Takila

As there are no hotels and guest houses in and around Takila, it has become very difficult for the Foundation to arrange accommodation for the guests. The guests had to be accommodated in the Dratshang/Shedra which is not convenient for both the guests and the monks. Therefore, the Foundation is planning to construct a guest house to accommodate at least 30 guests within the complex area.

  1. Reconstruction of Retreat Centre at Pelphu

As mentioned earlier, Khenpo Karop Rinpoche constructed and established Pelphu Retreat Centre in the early 1990s with only very basic houses and amenities. The buildings have become old and monks attending retreats find it difficult to live. Khenpo Karpo Rinpoche has asked the Foundation to plan, design and reconstruct the complex for the monks undertaking retreat sessions with improved amenities to ease their difficulties of living there.

  1. Renovation of Bara Lhakhang

Bara Lhakhang located about 15 kilometers below the Guru Statue at Takila is an old temple complex donated by the local community to Khenpo Karpo Rinpoche, who renovated it. Khenpo Karpo Rinpoche plans to convert the temple complex into a nunnery with improved facilities and amenities. The Foundation will prepare the renovation plan and have the works completed within the next 18 months.



DIFFERENT Centres of learning, meditation and retreat


  1. Ugyen Dongak Yoesel Chholing, Takila

Concurrently with the construction of Guru Statue, Khenpo Karpo Rinpoche begin to construct and establish Ugyen Dongak Yoesel Chholing complex which has a Shedra (Buddhist College) and a Dratshang (Monastery). The Shedra is headed by Khenpo Dawa Penjor and currently there are about 100 monks enrolled in it and the gross enrolment will gradually increase to 300 when the Shedra is fully grown to offer full course on Buddhist studies.

The Dratshang is headed by Dorji Lopen Rinzin Jamtsho. The Dratshang has about 20 monks to take care of the performance of religious ceremonies and offerings in the different temples within the Guru Statue. The monks from the monastery also serve and cater to the needs of the local communities to conduct various prayer ceremonies and rites both at their individual homes as well as in the community temples in the villages.

  1. Bara Lhakhang Nunnery, Tangmachu

Bara Lhakhang is an old temple complex contributed by the community to Khenpo Karpo Rinpoche in 2002. Khenpo Karpo Rinpoche decided to establish a nunnery at the complex and few buildings were constructed accordingly. Till 2015, the complex was used to accommodate the monks before the completion of the Shedra and Dratshang building at Ugyen Dongak Yoesel Chholing in Takila. The buildings at Bara Lhakhang are now being reconstructed as nunnery to house around 30 nuns.



  1. Pelphu Drubdey, Zhongmaed


Khenpo Karpo Rinpoche founded Pelphu Retreat Centre at his native land of Zhongmaid in Lhuntse District in 1990. The Centre has on regular basis 8 retreaters completing 3 years’ retreat sponsored and guided by Khenpo Karpo Rinpoche himself. Since its opening, 6 batches of retreaters have completed the retreat.